Saturday, March 1, 2014

Welcome to Reactive Management


                 It is my Intention to share with you, the reader; a blog that is so radical in its topic, I believe it has never been touched upon before.  It is the idea of Reactive Management and how this style of behavior is infecting our current business culture.  My hope is that one day these posts will be transformed into a book so as to reach a wider audience and hopefully help the culture in which we live and work.  I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to follow me!


                  Through my years of experience, vast in observation but perhaps incomplete in number, it has come to my attention that there is a definite condition that has become common in modern American Corporations.  It is my fear, and I believe that the evidence is proving conclusive, that this condition is actually a disease which is being spread across the plains by the managers and mid-level executives transferring from company to company in hope of advancing themselves, and leaving a trail of bad habits in their wake.  Of course the habits and behavior that I am addressing can be summarized in a term that I have come to refer to as Reactive Management.

                  No matter what your position, your organizational structure, or corporate culture, you have seen this behavior executed with great gusto and precision.  Watching it happen leaves the observing in bewilderment, simply due to the fact that the practice of this management style appears to be so natural and flawless, as though it was second nature.  The reason for this is simple, it stems from human nature, and it is the easiest way to manage the unexpected result and/or challenge.  It is the most beautifully adorned form of panic known to man, disguised in a cloak of “professionalism” and “leadership.” 

                  I would have you, the reader; reflect for just a moment of when you witnessed such an event….or perhaps was guilty of being a practitioner?  What did it look like?  Did you exude class, style,....dare I say.... innate leadership?   Was it difficult to watch because you and everyone else could not believe that the manager could be so blind to the obvious truth, the correct choice?  They made the rash decision, the expected reaction. 

The wrong choice.

                  This blog is dedicated to showing you, the reader; examples of such wasted potential, the symptoms and causes of such reactions, and how you along with your organization can start treatment by realigning the local management philosophy with your organization’s original vision and plan.

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